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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Why I should use MDV GLASS as my W&D provider?
    We have 15 years of experience manufacturing and Installing Windows and doors across South Florida
  • Does MDV give to me any warranty?
    Yes we have warranty in all the products and installation they may vary from 1 to 5 years
  • What happens to my old windows, doors and screens?"
    By law we do the disposal of all of the windows and doors
  • What window and door brands do you sell?
    Our top manufacturers include PGT, ECO WINDOWS, ASSURA and MRG GLASS.
  • Are impact windows and hurracane windows the same?
    There are many differences between the two but the four main factors to look at when choosing between the two are cost, appearance, convenience and obligation of time. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to compare before you buy. STANDARD NON-IMPACT WINDOWS AND DOORS ADVANTAGES Lower cost DISADVANTAGES The additional cost of shutters to meet FL Building Code Appearance Obligation of time to install/uninstall shutters No noise reduction Shutter storage requirement IMPACT WINDOWS AND DOORS ADVANTAGES Noise reduction Beautiful Appearance 24 Hour protection without added protection needed No shutters required Savings on insurance and energy bills DISADVANTAGES High initial Cost
  • Do I need Impact windows and doors? Pro's and Con's
    The Florida Building Code demands the installation of hurricane shutters over every home opening with regular / standard glass windows and doors in order to meet the new requirements for hurricane protection. The five major factors to consider when choosing between standard glass windows and impact-resistant windows and doors: Cost Appearance Convenience Choosing the right product Time involved securing your home Replacing the existing standard windows and doors of your home is an important decision to make. They have a significant influence on a variety of items, including: The interior temperature The ventilation in your home The ambient lighting The overall appearance of your home When the time comes for a window and door replacement, you need honest advice. ASK TO US ABOUT HOW TO GET ONE
  • Can I personalize my Windows and Doors?
    Enter your answer here
  • What are the benefits of purchasing impact windows and doors for my home?
    Impact windows and doors have many benefits, many of which most people don't realize. MDV GLASS is dedicated to educating the consumer on the real-world benefits of impact windows and doors. Impact windows and doors provide protection against top hurricane force winds, pressure and debris without the need for bulky shutters or plywood. Impact windows and doors increase your property value. Impact windows and doors improve protection against sunlight which fades furniture, paint and also heats your home causing a rise in your energy bill. Impact windows and doors qualify for insurance savings. Impact windows and doors improve the energy efficiency of your home. Cooling your home will reduce your energy bill by 15%-25% depending on the type of glass you choose. Impact windows and doors dramatically reduce outside noise. Impact windows and doors can help prevent burglaries. Most break-ins occur through a broken window or door - smashing glass gains them instant access. Impact glass is designed to withstand impact from debris at high speeds giving burglars a near impossible feat. Much like the windshield of your car, if impact glass breaks it does not shatter- it splinters and will not go through to the inside layer. While impact glass is not burglar proof, it does do an outstanding job keeping them at bay.
  • Do impact windows and doors qualify me for insurance savings?
    Yes, the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation assigns discounts for impact-resistant windows and doors, provided that all of the home's openings are protected. After your installation contact your insurance company for a Wind Mitigation Application which will need to be filled out by a licensed professional home inspector. Once that is complete you can submit the application to your insurance company to receive a discount on your insurance. Policyholders with questions concerning mitigation should contact their insurance agents to ensure that proper credit is being received for strengthening the home.
  • What is the cost of new windows and doors?
    From old construction (renovation) to new construction, no two houses are alike. Purchasing new windows and doors is a custom job. Price will vary and depends on many different factors like size, style and upgrades. OPTIONS THAT MAY IMPACT PRICE Impact Glass vs. Non-Impact Glass Insulated Glass vs. Non-Insulated Glass Vinyl Frame vs. Aluminum Frame Tinted Glass vs. Non-Tinted Glass ...and many more options Structural features / issues can also affect the price as well as rotten wood, historical homes, high rise condos (crane or heavy equipment), drywall damage, stucco repairs and more
  • Methods of payments
    Check or cash we do not accept credit card payments
  • Permit application and fees
    MDV GLASS pulls a permit for each job that we install. We provide you with a permit application and notice of commencement (NOC) for your specific municipality. There will be a small permit fee added into your contracted price. When you sign your contract, you will also sign the permit application and NOC. This application along with the product approvals will be sent to the city for approval. City approval is based on the proper products being specified for the location of your property. Once approved, a permit will be issued for your property and must be posted on the job site prior to the installation. Upon completion of the installation the municipality will be notified and a final inspection will take place by a city inspector. They will approve the job and your permit will be closed.
  • How long takes to process an order?
    About 4 to 7 weeks
  • Installation requirement
    We just need some space between your furniture and the windows/Doors. We don't take off the courtains
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